• Økologiske gouda gårdoste

    Økologiske gouda gårdoste

    Fremstillet med omtanke for dyr og natur på Andrés gård siden 1980

  • Lokale gårdoste & delikatesser

    Lokale gårdoste & delikatesser

    Håndplukket af Marion

  • Gedegouda gårdoste

    Gedegouda gårdoste

    Håndlavede og prisvindende gedeoste fra gården "De Brömmels" med 120 glade geder

  • Single-farm råmælksoste

    Single-farm råmælksoste

    Håndværksoste fra ostemager Christine - fremstillet med stor omhu og kærlighed

  • Det ægte ostehåndværk

    Det ægte ostehåndværk

  • Håndlavet paté

    Håndlavet paté

    Rustikke pateer, håndlavet af patémageren Rob - både af fritgående og økologiske grise

  • Hjemmelavet marmelade & chutney

    Hjemmelavet marmelade & chutney

    Fremstillet på Teds gård i små kobbergryder - af de bedste ingredienser fra naturen

  • Hjemmelavet marmelade & chutney

    Hjemmelavet marmelade & chutney

    af frugt- & bæravler Ted

  • Hjemmelavet sennep, aïoli og trøffelmayonnaise

    Hjemmelavet sennep, aïoli og trøffelmayonnaise

    Sennep & luksus mayonnaise- specialiteter, fremstillet i Gerards gårdkøkken

  • Håndlavede oste-snacks deluxe

    Håndlavede oste-snacks deluxe

    Håndlavet af bager Hans - indeholder mindst 30 procent lagret Gouda-ost

  • ... og med stor kærlighed

    ... og med stor kærlighed

    for både dyrene og naturen.

DUTCH DELI – Holland´s finest local products

Are you forever looking for that one, very special product –
the one you know can’t be found just anywhere?
And are you someone who always looks out for that delicious,
locally produced cheese or sausage, when you’re on holiday?
If you’re after something really special then look no further.
You’ll find it with us!

Dutch Deli offers some of the most tasty and distinctive local products in all of Holland.
These are special foods, available only at certain outlets – simply because our producers do not produce on a large scale.
And we like to keep it that way!
This is because working small scale ensures that the product you’ll be taking home with you is carefully prepared, distinct, and truly original.

Dutch Deli’s products are produced mainly on small farms in the east of Holland.
This is an area with an abundance of farms, fields and forests,
where the people live in close connection with nature, are dependable, and ‘down-to-earth’.

This is also an area where people know how to enjoy the good life –
and all the good things that nature and their wonderful surroundings offer them –
including fantastic cheeses made of fresh, raw milk, and delicious handmade sausages.
All savoured, preferably, in the company of other ‘bon vivants’!

Now that is the good life – according to Dutch Deli!

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to hear more
about these products.

 Please send me more info.

Our products

Andrés økologiske gouda gårdoste

Dejlig cremede gårdoste af ko-, gede- eller fåremælk. Læs mere»

Berts gedegouda gårdost

En særlig gedegouda gårdost - det rene ostehåndværk. Læs mere»

Rob´s homemade pâté

Fresh, artisan and tasteful pâte. Read more»

Peter´s farmhouse cheese

A unique single-farm cheese, made of raw milk. Read more»