About us

Marion Huijink, owner of “MARION”, has been living in Denmark since 2011, and comes originally from the eastern part of Holland. This area is real countryside, with an abundance of farms, fields and forests. Here you will find numerous small farms, run by hard-working farmers who have a genuine passion for their profession.     It is this area where most of her favorite producers come from.

“In 2011 I moved to Denmark to live together with my Danish boyfriend. I fell in love with this country, and the only things I´m missing about Holland are my family, friends ánd my favorite farmhouse products.
In the area where I come from, which is a real farmer area, I know exactly at which farm you can buy the best products, the most delicious delicacies.
Each time I visited Holland, I took the most fantastic cheeses and sausages with me, home to Denmark. Here I shared them with my Danish friends and family, and they all became excited and surprised about these specialties. That inspired me to start “MARION”.

Because I know the owners of the farms personally, I know with how much love and care they produce their delicacies. I have seen the production process from very nearby. It is also important for me to see how much they prioritize and value nature and care for their animals.
Every single cheese, sausage, pâté or jam has it´s own, great story. And those stories I would like to share with you!”

Marion ostelager Boerenkaas