Gerard´s homemade mustard and mustard mayo / A beautiful, artisan product

* Gerard makes delicious, handmade mustard at his farm in the eastern, rural part of Holland. At the farm Gerard runs the mustard production, while Janneke takes care of their farmhouse shop. Together they take care of the guests on their cosy little farmhouse camping, in the middle of green fields and forests.

* This artisan mustard is being made exclusively of the best ingredients of mother nature, and is 100% free of E-numbers.

* Gerard has produced mustard for several years now, and perfectioned his secret recipes. He offers many different flavors: Wholegrain, Fine, Garlic, Honey & Dill, Tomato, and Olive & Basilicum. The mustard-mayo comes in 3 different flavors: Honey & Dild, Garlic and a delicious Truffle mustard mayonnaise.

* Combine Gerard´s Honey & Dill mustard with a delicious premium cheese, or put som top of your salmon or chicken, to create the perfect finishing touch. The Tomato and the Olive & Basilicum mustard taste very well on a piece of fresh-baked bread, or use them as a basis to a delicious tapenade, just by blending it with a quality olive oil.

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