Rob´s homemade pâté / Made of the best fresh products and herbs

* Rob makes the best, fresh, artisan and tasteful pâté and charcuterie, in his own kitchen. All he uses are his secret recipes, daily fresh and natural ingredients,  and a combination of slow producing, patience and love.

* Rob´s homemade pâté is being made exclusively of meat of happy, free range animals, and fresh herbs. He also tries to use as little salt as possible, and makes sure that his products ar low on fat.

* The range of products varies depending on the season´s ingredients and on Rob´s inspiration. Taste for example the deliciously rustic Pâté de Campagne, Pâté Normandie with pieces of apple in Calvados, or try the fine Roquefort-pâté or the Duck pâté with port wine.

”Use exclusively the best fresh products and fresh herbs, and you will get a fantastic product.” (Rob)

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