Peter´s farmhouse cheese / made from raw cow´s milk

Peter´s award-winning farmhouse cheese is something truly original and very special.

* His cheese is a hand-made Gouda with a unique and authentic character – a totally pure product, made from unpasteurised, ‘raw’ cow’s milk, to ensure every ounce of flavour is kept. This is a product you can really taste!

* Peter´s farmhouse cheese has a full and creamy taste and a delicious aroma. The older cheese contains fine crystals. Whereas factory-produced cheeses often taste the same, and can be rather bland, all of Peter´s cheeses are different and unique.

* Peter, his wife Lidy and their two sons Johannes and Michiel work hard and with a lot of passion, at their charming farm in the eastern part of Holland. They have got 80 free range cows living on the green fields, who on a daily basis deliver the fresh milk for the cheese-production.

* ´Boerenkaas´ means ´cheese from the farm´.

* Peter´s award-winning farmhouse cheeses have been in the dutch top 3 of the best farmhouse cheeses over the last couple of years.

* The cheeses ripen on the farm, on wooden shelves in a special ripening room. When they have reached exactly the right age and flavour – for the young cheeses 2 months and for the oldest up to 2 years – they are delivered directly from the farm to our customers.

 * Peter´s Boerenkaas is a single-farm cheese. It is a certified GTS (Guaranteed Traditional Speciality): all cheeses are made at the farm of unpasteurized, ´raw´ milk of their own cows.

* The cheese contains less salt than most factory-produced cheeses. Plus, it contains approximately 20% more vitamin B6 than cheese made from pasteurised milk.

* Cheese tastes at it´s best when it is being served at room temperature, to ensure every ounce of flavor can be tasted. We would like to advice you, if possible, to take our cheese out of the cooler at least an hour before serving it.

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