Medals for Dutch Deli´s cheeses at the World Cheese Awards!

This year Dutch Deli has sent four of cheesemaker Andrés finest organic cheeses to the World Cheese Awards. It was our first time ever in this competition, where over 3.000 different cheeses made their way from six continents and were judged by over 230 of the finest palates and noses from every corner of the globe, including cheesemakers, technical experts, buyers, retailers and food writers. The winners were chosen last weekend, and we must admit that we were a little nervous, when watching the jury selecting the finest cheeses in the world.

Dutch Deli´s cheeses won two silver and one bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards!
It was Saturday late in the afternoon when we got the great news: two silver medals and one bronze! Cheesemakers André and Bas and the entire team of Biokaas Kinderdijk in Holland did it again! We are very proud of them and their fantastic, delicious organic cheeses!

– André´s organic cheese  – Cow   –  Fenugreek
– André´s organic cheese  – Goat   – Matured

– André´s organic cheese  – Cow    – Old (> 1 year)